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Construction Loans

We understand that you need funds released through different stages of the building process and how to best structure your finance. Talk to us about your options today.

Also commonly called owner builder loans, Construction Loans allow for funds to be released in stages throughout the construction process. This way you have funds available as needed, but interest is only charged on the funds drawn at key stages.

The experienced team at Orchard Financial Group have been arranging Construction Loans on the Sunshine Coast for decades. We’ve seen them all from small owner builder projects to larger stage release constructions. The right advice and a well structured lending solution can make a huge difference to the financial success of a construction.

Ask about the right finance solution to suit your individual circumstances and unique construction. Find out what Loan To Value Ratio (LVR) you can borrow, what interest rates you qualify for and what solutions fit your needs. Talk to Michael and the team of Orchard Mortgage Brokers about the right Construction Loan solution to make your development a reality.

Common Stages of a Construction Loan

Every construction is different and the loans can be structured accordingly, but these are the most common steps in a construction loan.

PLAN THE PROJECT: Work with your builder to create a building contract, estimated costs and stages of construction.

FINANCE REQUIREMENTS: Discuss your requirements and circumstances with Orchard Mortgage Brokers.

CONSTRUCTION LOAN PLANNING: Orchard Financial Group search for the right construction loan solution to best suit your project & finances.

PROGRESS PAYMENTS: After lending approval, funds will be made available at key milestones throughout the construction. Commonly these key stages are: preparation, slab (or floor), framing, lock up, fit out and lastly completion.

COMPLETION: Your selected lender will generally inspect and value the property. The loan will then switch to a standard longer term loan without the requirement for finance in stages.

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